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Up-front Cash

The Merchant Store offers up front bonuses for each account you get approved and processing, on top of the residual income you will be making.

When you sign accounts to The Merchant Store, you get an up-front bonus for each account that is approved and processing and you get residual income on your account's processing.

Unlike many of our competitors, bonuses are paid weekly. This way you don't have to wait until the end of a month to get paid for accounts you sign.

Sign up Bonuses

We offer bonuses on every account written, as much as $350 per account. The best part is you have control over what that bonus is. We have a unique approach to per-account bonuses that simplifies the payment structure so you know beforehand what bonus each account will qualify for. Account sign-up bonuses are designed to be extremely competitive without eating into your future residual income.

Our bonuses are structured around the device deployment. Purchases, Leases, and Reprograms will have the highest upfront bonuses. We also offer bonuses on accounts using our free terminal placement program starting at $250 per account.

This is all on top of your normal residuals and commission you can make by up-selling equipment and additional services.

Additional Bonus Options

We also run monthly bonuses based on the number of accounts you get setup in that given month. You can earn up to an additional $1,200 some months depending on what the bonus requirements are for that month.

In addition to monthly bonuses, we run other periodic bonuses through out the year to help you generate additional cash-flow.

If you have any specific questions about our bonuses, please reach out to us.

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