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Merchant Account Sales Agent and Resale

Apple Pay Mobile

Enable your customers to accept Apple Pay mobile phone payments.

Up-front Bonus

The up-front cash program is a great way to get a return on every account you sign to us. Whether you want to sign every account for the up-front bonus or just one per month, it's your choice.

Agent Benefits

  • Up-front account bonuses.
  • Lifetime Residual Benefits.
  • Mobile (Square Competitive) Solution.
  • Personalized Agent Support.
  • Wholesale Equipment Pricing and Free Placement Programs.
  • Equipment Deployment (if desired).
  • Access to Global, Paymentech, TPS, Tsys, Mercury, and all FDR platforms.

If you are a person who is sick of dealing with dishonest ISO's, or you want to establish a relationship with a dynamic, motivated, and honest company, contact us.