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Why choose The Merchant Store?

You get every tool you need for success in the merchant services industry, but our partnership doesn't stop there.

Our guarantee to you:

We know how difficult it is to sell merchant accounts. Our company started 27 years ago as an agent like you, selling merchant accounts door-to-door. We're not going to sign you up, send you a packet and forget about you like you will find elsewhere. We're not going to neglect to, or under pay you when your money is due.

We want you to know that we are here for your support, whether that be overnight shipping some equipment to your customer in Alaska, helping you close that big account, or simply explaining a term on an application.

We rely on the continued success of our agents, and we will do anything we can to help make you more successful.

Our staff and our resources are here for you!

Why is this application so short?

We genuinely want to talk to you, and we don't need further information until we do so. Why should you have to fill out unnecessary information, only to fill it out again later?

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