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Merchant Accounts with The Merchant Store

The Merchant Store is a member service provider (MSP/ISO) with multiple processors.

What this means as an agent is that you are able to provide services to many business types using virtually any processing method available. Whether you need to setup a newly established business with an ecommerce merchant account, a restaurant with a complex POS system, or a construction contractor with a level 3 business to business account, you can provide your customers the solution they need.

Compatible Processing Platforms:

Primary Platform:

  • FDR/FDMS/Fiserv

Additional Platform Options:

  • Global (East, Central)
  • Mercury
  • Vital / Visanet
  • Paymentech
  • Tsys
  • Evo TPS

Processing Rates: You get our cost on processing, depending on the processor/platform, and you can markup anything above that. This way, you set your customer's rate and are not locked into any one rate program. If you need help pricing an account, we are always right behind you and ready to help.

Submitting Applications: Merchant paper account applications can be submitted many difference ways but will also offer online applications with e-Signature and Click to Agree options. Qualifying accounts can be approved the same day the application is submitted.

Lifetime residuals and up-front cash!

Our lifetime residual options also come with up-front bonuses as well. Our bonus structures are simple and easy to understand. This gives you additional flexibility in how you setup your customers. We also have monthly bonuses that vary from month to month to provide even more income and flexibility.

No Monthly Account Minimum!

We investigated our competition and found that almost every one of them requires you to sign at least five accounts per month to get paid. What happens when you don't sign the minimum accounts for the month? You get nothing. With our program, you get your up-front cash and your residuals whether you sign one account or one thousand. Up Front cash is paid weekly and residual income is paid monthly directly to your bank account.

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